Hi, friends! It’s me again, Tiger!

I bet you missed me! I’ve been busy being, well, awesome.

A life of a house cat is a life many envies. And I can understand why. Our life is pretty much perfect:

  • We do things at our own time
  • We love routine
  • We take time to care for our needs – *grooming*
  • We rest when we feel we need to rest
  • We play when we want to play
  • We contemplate
  • We appreciate the now
Baby me sleeping at noon

Our life is a constant state of meditation, where what happened before and what will happen in the future do not matter. We don’t need to fluff up to other people. If we don’t like you, we don’t. And it’s fine because we’ll just leave you be. We respect the differences and, to some extent, your personal space (I firmly believe that humans must be supervised when using the restroom though…)


Arnie reminding the staff to appreciate the sunrise.


We urge to our humans and all humans out there to #BeMoreCat – unleash your inner cat and you’ll, undoubtedly, find happiness and greatness.

XOXO – Tiger


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